True Blue is the crème de la crème of the music industry and have earned a reputation for the extreme energy & versatility not only in their music but the explosive performance too. They are a highly professional band having members with vast experience that have worked with top bands, 

orchestras and projects in India as well as in Europe. 


Known as the best & busiest band having a very successful work rate as they do a minimum of 150 shows annually, both domestically as well as internationally. Their unique sound and performance has made them travel internationally and have got huge response of appreciation in Oman, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Dubai, Doha, Macau (China),  etc. and have performed for audiences of all sizes, cultures & dispositions. The languages they cover are English, Hindi, Konkani, Spanish, Portuguese and also perform multiple genres in their own unique rendition keeping in mind the originality of the songs, not forgetting the best part is that they are a complete live band that use instruments such as Drums & Percussions/ Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitars/ Keyboards/ Violin, Mandolin, Flute & Harmonica depending on the song/ set. 


With years gone by the band have performed at events such as Big Fat Weddings, International Destination Weddings, Corporate Events, Award Functions, Pub Gigs, International Music Festivals, Private V.V.I.P. Parties, Shaadis, Sangeets etc.. 


Not to forget True Blue have also shared the same stage with international & national artists such as

Sean Kingston, Shah Rule, Ananya Birla, Anushka Manchanda,

Naresh Kamath from Kailasa Band and many more..

True Blue are well equipped with a vast repertoire of songs depending on the event and clientele and also perform a couple of original songs written by the founder of the band Zubin da Cruz and are getting very popular in that segment too. They have earned a reputation for professionalism in all aspects and are popular for the infectious energy they bring along with them.